Audio Recording for Apps

For anyone who’s purchased my latest app, OOOG, you’ll hear some sound effects while playing the game and tapping buttons on the screen. I’m particularly proud of the option menu button sound effect.

I recorded and edited all of the sounds myself. It was a highly enjoyable process. More surprising still is the fact that all the sounds were recorded by an iPad mini using GarageBand. I used an iRig mic pre amp and hooked up a semi-pro microphone.

I didn’t edit the audio on iOS. For that I turned to Adobe’s Audition app on the Mac. I enjoyed editing and recording the audio so much that I’ll probably not buy or download anybody else’s┬ásound effects again. Subject to being able to capture the original sound, of course. If I need the mating call of an exotic Panda I’m going to be a bit stumped!

I’ve already recorded all the audio for my next app project with the same set-up and I’m super impressed by the lack of background noise on the source audio. I’m definitely going to record some new sound effects for a Words Inside update in the future.

App UI sound effects will no longer be a last minute addition. They’ll be something I work on much earlier in the development process from now on.

With UI sound effects it’s very important to get short sounds that begin instantly. If you purchase or download sounds from the internet they often make your app feel less responsive because they don’t start playing instantly.

Obviously if an app needs longer audio or original background music I’ll still be turning to my brother, Owain, who’s a truly gifted composer. We worked together on the Sum Maths and GBFF apps.