PS World 2.0

At the iOS Dev UK 2012 conference in Aberystwyth last year I got to know Shawn Welch, an author, speaker and independent iOS app developer from the United States.

Today he released the Photoshop World Conference app (App Store link) version 2.0.

Boy oh boy, what an app it is. Congratulations to Shawn. He’s done an amazing job. I’m especially impressed with how the app transitions to iPad size from the excellent iPhone version. I often feel TableView apps look gawky on the iPad but this one is a splendid example of how to reuse iPhone view controllers on the iPad.

Shawn’s also created a unique UI element worthy of an usability award. He’s called it the SWHorizontalSplitViewController (twitter post link). You can flick the control horizontally to change the date but you can also slide the whole control up and down on the screen to swap between a list schedule view and a graphical schedule view.

It’s a beautifully designed app and well worth a download even if, like me, you can’t make it to the Photoshop World conference itself.