3, 2, 1 – App Launch

I’m delighted to announce that “…and Little Ones too!” is now available on the Apple App Store for iPad.

Details about the app are available on the app website and there’s a page dedicated to the app on this blog site too.

The easiest way to find the app on the App Store on the iPad itself is to visit the app website and tap the “Available on App Store” image or search for “A5 Multimedia” in the app store. Just type A5 and the store lists some suggestions for you. Update: The search index has updated and searching for “little ones” or “little ones too” now correctly brings up the app.

If you enjoy the app please write a review on the App Store, it really does help so much and please Like our Facebook page or re-tweet one of our Tweets.

If you’d like to send us other feedback please use the app support page. Would you like to see new features or an Android version or a printed book version? Let us know!

Many thanks, Aled.