…and Little Ones too! Sneak peek screenshots.

Apple has approved the app! It’s called “…and Little Ones too!” [App Store] and will be released on the App Store soon. Please check back for launch details.

I hope you enjoy the exclusive look at the screenshots above. It’s difficult to know how much or how little to display. I’ll try to do a video soon though.

If you want to get in touch with me I’m @aledbrown on Twitter. There will be Press Packs available this weekend over at the official website. There’s also an official Twitter account and Facebook Page┬áif you’d like to be kept up to date automatically.

If you know Parents or Grandparents who have an iPad and small children (aged 3 to 9) and loves traditional fairytale imagination-inspiring bedtime stories please pass on the links, I’d be ever so grateful.

I have press reviewer iPad App Store Voucher Codes available too. If you know anybody who would like to review the app in a newspaper, blog or magazine please get in touch.

Many thanks, Aled.