Big Ones only…

One of the most fun-to-build features of …and Little Ones too! was the Child Lock feature. I believe it’s the small but crafted and delightful details that really count. So instead of asking parents to enter the answer to a simple sum via the boring iPad keyboard popping up over the beautiful content I developed my own “safe lock” screen that includes animation and sound effects.

It is accessed via the “For parents” button on the Main Menu. It protects children from the Production Credits screen where parents can send feedback to us or rate the app on the App Store and read about who made the app.

Testing this was fun. I had no problem with an 84 year old passing the test but children around 6 to 8 years or lower couldn’t manage it. If your child can… you have extremely brainy children and they can probably lock down your TV so that you can’t use it already… an app credit screen will be the least of your worries.

Update: The app can now be downloaded from the App Store on iPad.