Unreleased iPad app URLs opened on iPhone

I didn’t know this happened if you scanned a QR code for an iPad only app on an iPhone (let alone one that isn’t available yet). I thought it was beautifully stunning and elegant. Tapping “Learn more about this app” takes you to the app website. A delightful user experience. This is my first iPad only app so I guess I had no reason to know. Update: App Store link.

iPad only apps on iPhone App Store

iPad only apps on iPhone App Store

What happens on an iPad you ask? It errors out and that saddens me. Apple should do a landing screen like this for unavailable apps on the device the app works on. A stupid error message is a bad user experience.

What happens on an Android tablet and phone? I leave no stone unturned. It takes you to the App preview web page or because the app isn’t out yet asks you to download iTunes on your computer. It doesn’t ask you to buy an iPad or iPhone or mock your choice of device.

What, Aled has Androids? Of course I do. I wouldn’t know which was the best platform to work on if I didn’t try the others and I wouldn’t be testing websites properly if I didn’t see them working on Android devices.