Why iPad? Where’s the Android or the printed book version?

First of all …and Little Ones too! was a lot of hard work. I mean a lot. A great deal of time has been spent creating it for the iPad. There is only so much spare time one person can have and I’ve spent all of mine on this project. (See previous post)

Why iPad first? That’s easy. You’ve got to start somewhere and you can’t do everything all at once. I’ve been working towards being able to release this app for 18 months learning more and more Objective-C (the native programming language used on Apple’s devices) and the iOS SDK frameworks. I’ve created 5 other iOS apps along the way and each has been a step up from the previous one in one way or another. I love making iOS apps.

Will you make an Android version? Yes. Definitely. I’d love to. But it will only happen if the iPad version is successful. If it is there will be an Android version. Successful means that the app must recoup the actual monetary cost spent to develop it and none of my own time counts as a cost (i.e. even if it does achieve that, I still won’t have made a penny).

I’ve not counted equipment costs (Desktop + Laptop Mac and 3 different iPad testing devices) or software license costs. Those are being supported by my web developer day-job.

I don’t have a tablet computer – will there be a printed version? Again, this depends. If the app makes any profit at all that profit will be put straight back into printing and publishing costs. I won’t count my time spent on producing a book version as a cost. The cost will come from actually printing it, getting an ISBN number and all the other expenses associated with getting something published in the real world.

How can I help you? Thanks for asking. All I ask is that you share a link to the iTunes app page, like the Facebook page or Tweet something about the app for iPad to your friends. If enough people get to know about the app and a small percentage of those people have an iPad and buy a copy we may just make the iOS app enough of a success to be able to continue working on alternative formats.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, Aled