‘Just right’ Lite (Free)

…and Little Ones too! is an App Store experiment. There’s no way of knowing if something will sell or won’t until I you try to sell it. I’ve created several apps already so that I could learn how to do everything properly (learning Objective-C, how to build an app, etc) so that I didn’t make any (or many) mistakes with this project. Before I started the Little Ones project I understood the risks and I invested my time and money to run and complete the experiment. What I want to know is… can I make an honest living from building my own apps?

At the moment we have two paid versions of ALOT. One version (£2.49) is Universal (both iPad and iPhone) and the other is iPhone only (£1.49).

So what’s next?

A ‘Lite’ version of the app. I’m hoping to release a totally Free version of the app that includes 6 of the 34 verses. 100% fully functional for 6 verses exactly as they are in the Paid apps (iPhone and iPad). In a nice way, once you finish reading or playing the game there will be an “Upgrade” screen where there will be an option to continue using the free app or to upgrade to the Paid version – this will be a link to the App Store to purchase the full version from there. Not an in-app purchase.

The experiment will be to see if giving away a portion of the story with the full functionality of the main app will help people make the decision to upgrade.

As it stands you can only see static ‘screenshot’ pictures or watch the app video on the website. I’m not sure this is enough. It is for some people but it might not be for others.

I hope that by being able to experience the quality of the app and a free portion of the story it will get more people to buy the full app.

Once I’ve finished developing this new version I hope Apple will approve it (wish me luck!) so that I can complete my experiment. Check back for updates.