Glyndŵr University talk

Today I presented a talk entitled “App Developer Experiences” to a group of fifty or sixty new intake 1st year computing students at Glyndŵr University in Wrexham.

It was my first presentation or talk in front of an audience and it went better than I expected. I’ve been watching other speakers at conferences and picking up tips about this kind of speaking.

You wouldn’t have caught me speaking in front of an audience like this 12 months ago. Gaining the topic experience and confidence to speak about it isn’t something I thought I’d enjoy but it was really good to “give back” something.

I was given almost an hour for the talk and I’d prepared about 50 slides. An hour is a really long time when you’ve got to fill it on your own in front of other people! The talk was bang on timing-wise and nobody fell to sleep! The students asked great questions at the end too.

When they were walking out some students came up to me to say it was a very interesting talk and some shook my hand. That was very kind of them.

I have had some feedback from two members of staff:

It is clear that the students really enjoyed it!


As an ex-student of Glyndwr Computing I wanted to enthuse the new students about the core disciplines of computing that they’re about to learn and to reenforce how useful they have been to me in the past 12 years (yes, 12!) since leaving Uni.

I demonstrated my app showcase with some quick app videos.

I covered some app design tips, demonstrated some of the best tools available to help create a great looking app. I tried to emphasise the iOS community that’s out there with great Newsletters, Tips and people to follow on Twitter to help with iOS dev.

I finished off my talk with a section giving some options available for making a living in iOS land. I don’t pretend to be an expert at that but I hope I gave the students some good ideas as to what roles may be available if they choose app development as something they might want to do in the future.

Nobody really knows what will be happening in 3 years. That’s why they need to learn the core disciplines of a language like C or C++ including memory management, proper database design, general application development and good user experience (aesthetic and usability).

I’d like to thank the students for listening to me and I’d like to thank Glyndwr University for the opportunity.

If you’d like to contact me, I can be found on Twitter @aledbrown.

Update: Book List from slides