Fast Status for iPhone and iPad – Now Available

Fast Status running on an iPhone

What’s it about?

How many times have you wanted to post a quick text update to Facebook or Twitter only to find that by the time your slow loading timeline appears and you’re able to type your phone went out of signal? Annoying!

Or at the weekend the weather is nice, you’re out and about and you’ve left your favourite sports recording on the DVR to watch later. You open Facebook or Twitter apps to post a message only to see your friends talking about the match or race and you see spoiler results. Frustrating!

Fast Status is quick. It allows you to open the app, type (or speak) a quick message and post it to Facebook and or Twitter quickly. If you go over 140 characters you can only post it to Facebook, but the app knows that.


Because the “Quick Status Update” feature doesn’t exist on iOS 7 and I really miss it.

Where can I get it from and is it Free?

You can get it FREE from the App Store now.


I’d love to know what you think about the app. Contact me on Twitter. Or send me feedback from the app with the email feedback button built into the app (on the settings screen).

Fast Status iPad

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