What the blog

As is the case with all blogs I haven’t posted in a little while.

Web development work matters have taken a lot of my time recently. I’ve been catching up on the latest Responsive Web Design techniques. I have to admit that even as a web veteran of 13+ years in the business I’m struggling with how to visualise responsive designs. Hell, I can’t find any designers who understand it. Getting clients to grasp it is nigh on impossible. This is not the first RWD site I’ve done though. I’ve made two or three others… it’s just the techniques are changing so rapidly and the frameworks are jumping up significant version numbers (one I’d used went from v2 to v4 in 12 months and was unrecognisable and largely incomaptible) and they’re quite often dropping browser support (yes, IE7 and 8, I’m looking at you) all the time.

Ironically many of the latest techniques are using the box sizing CSS setting (IE8+) which sets the box model back to how very old versions of IE used to do things. Every other browser used the W3C recommended add padding and margin to the box size model and IE used it’s own model where the box width included margin + padding values. How ironic, then, that we’re switching the model back to how IE did it originally? The Browser Wars have a lot to answer for.