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Words Inside is a fantastic FREE word game for iPhone and iPod touch (although free, Words Inside has no annoying advertising). See if you can find all the Words Inside each of the 9-letter word grids, either against the clock or at your leisure.

Enjoy playing Words Inside in two different modes to suit your mood:

In arcade mode you’re up against the clock to get as many points as you can in 2 minutes!

In casual mode play for any length of time, take a break, then pick up where you left off at any time (the app remembers where you were up to automatically).

Addictive, challenging and fun – with no more waiting for someone else to play their word!

The FREE theme pack contains six 9-letter word grids to get you started. Premium themes are available to purchase in-app, containing new word grids: anagrams, animals, bands, birds, clothes, colours, computing, drinks, food, flowers, lakes, mathematics, music theory, pop stars, rivers and places in the USA. Each theme contains at least 15 new word grids and can be played in both casual and arcade modes. Look out for bumper-sized 20 word themes too.

There's plenty of help available and the app includes a hint button. We’ve hidden lots of free hints for you to find but if you run out, packs of 100 to 5000 hints are available to purchase.

In-app purchases can be disabled on your device in the parental settings section.

Incredible features:
• FREE with no annoying in-game advertising
• Six FREE grids to play with loads of great premium themes available to purchase
• Play in arcade mode – 2 minutes against the clock to get as many points as you can
• Play in casual mode – play for any length of time, pick up where you left off
• Fun Game Center achievements to complete for points
• Packed with free hints with additional hints available to purchase
• Themes to suit all interests and age groups
• HD and Retina graphics throughout

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